C2G has all the solutions for your smart phone's connectivity.
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Extend the capabilities of your mobile device

C2G docking stations, power adapters, and USB cables are ultra-lightweight, tested, and versatile, providing effortless connectivity for your phone, laptop, tablet and more. Couple longer cables with power solutions to ensure you can give the wall a little space and work in comfort.

Unlock The Power of Your Device

Rest easy knowing you have the connections you need. Docking stations connect peripheral devices with multiple connector types such as: HDMI®, DisplayPort, or VGA. These solutions are great for students, business professionals, or anyone looking to get more from their device.

Connect a USB-C enabled device for video mirroring and data transfer while simultaneously charging

Power Up With C2G

Charge a mobile device at home, in the office, or on the go. All of our adapters feature a compact design for easy portability and provide optimal power output. Choose a power adapter with a battery bank for on the go device charging or added ports so you can share (or charge multiple devices at once.)

Charge multiple mobile devices from one DC outlet

Charge multiple mobile devices from one DC outlet

Quickly charge a mobile device from a DC outlet

Quickly charge a mobile device from a DC outlet

Charge multiple mobile devices from one DC outlet

Always Pack A Backup Cable

Charge and transfer data between popular mobile devices and laptops by shopping the latest USB-C, Micro-USB, and USB cables. If you are getting a new device, we recommend having a few extra charging cables to use around the house, office, or your bag.

Connect tablets, smart phone, and laptops with USB-C ports

Power, charge, and transfer data to and from a USB-C device and a USB-A device

Sync and charge the latest Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod®

Need help finding your connector? Please contact us or use our connector guides to help!