Chromebook Solutions

Easily Adapt & Extend A Chromebook to Meet Your Needs

Chromebooks are easy to use and easy to connect…except when they do not have the same connections as your existing devices or enough ports to support all of your devices. Using the guide below, we can show you how to find the right solution to get the most out of your Chromebook. With these cables you can:

  • Connect to an HDTV, computer monitor or projector with HDMI or VGA to display A/V content.
  • Add more USB ports to connect more devices.
  • Add connection types that will support a legacy Serial device or an external hard drive.

All of these cables and adapters have been tested and are recommended for use with Chromebooks. You can also visit our Chromebook Tech page to learn more about how our product lines work with Chromebooks.

Chromebook Solutions Map

Select A Connector To Get The Most from Your Chromebook: