Adapt It. Connect It. Convert It.

Adapt It. Connect It. Convert It.

All Your Connectivity Needs Simplified

With so many advancements in technology, as well as the introduction of different connector types and hardware/device interfaces, finding the right connections can be a challenge. C2G simplifies all your connectivity needs by:

  • Reducing your connectivity needs to just three fundamentals: adapt, connect, and convert
  • Providing products and solutions for almost any environment or application

We help you overcome the most common challenges of modern connectivity with products that enable you to adapt, connect, or convert a range of technologies, devices and signals in almost any environment, from workstations and conference rooms, to home theatre, data centres and beyond.

Select where you want to begin your connectivity solution:

Adapt It in the Office

When going through a technology refresh we often upgrade our computers and peripheral devices to those with the latest technology, leaving monitors and displays lagging behind. Avoid the need to invest in new hardware with products that help build the bridge between modern and legacy technologies. Our solutions enable the integration of a range of devices and boost the versatility and flexibility of your existing setup.

USB-C Docking Station

Adapt It in a Huddle Space

A further challenge of modern world connectivity arises from the shift towards working on-the-go or in collaborative work spaces. Whether out and about with the latest device or in a work space where you're unfamiliar with the technology, our solutions ensure that you're equipped with everything you need to connect your devices seamlessly.

Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter


We have the right cable and connectivity solutions to "adapt" the most popular connections in any combination.

Connect It in the Conference Room

For any application to run smoothly, a strong connection is fundamental. C2G makes connecting your technology straightforward.

Often when delivering a presentation in larger spaces, we're caught out by cable length limitations which deny that all important connection between source device and display. We help you overcome this challenge with solutions that enable you to extend a signal up to 30m, meaning you can connect with an audience with no boundaries.

Wireless Audio/Video Receiver

Connect It at Home

If it's a crisp, crystal clear image you're after to stream your favourite movie in Ultra HD, our range of 4K and 8K cabling solutions provide that all important fast and reliable connection for applications requiring this resolution.

Premium HDMI Cable


We have the right cable and connectivity solutions to "connect" your technology with no boundaries.

Convert It with ease

Building and maintaining a reliable network is crucial–this is what brings the world to our fingertips, deliver an email around the globe in seconds and allows us to interact with others–and the backbone of any reliable network is connectivity. Our expansive range of third-party transceivers and direct attach cables are 100% OEM compatible and play a vital role in data centres; to convert a signal from a source to a specific manufacturer's switch that sends data to a network server or to storage.

Network Connectivity


We have the right cable and connectivity solutions to "convert" a signal between its source and destination.