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USB For Tomorrow... and Today

The introduction of USB 3.1 will revolutionize the way we connect and use devices. Though the advances in power delivery, audio/video support and data transfer brought by this new technology are not yet available through USB 3.1, C2G offers similar technology in products that you can use today!

USB Power Delivery

USB 3.1 includes enhanced power delivery of up to 20 volts, 5 amps and 100 watts for tomorrow's devices, allowing for rapid charging of mobile devices, including laptops! Even though they can't match the power output of USB 3.1, the adapters below are all about charging today's USB devices.

USB Audio/Video Support

USB 3.1 includes support of audio/video signals for tomorrow's USB devices, making connecting a TV or monitor easier than ever. Even though audio/video signals are not normally supported by today's USB ports, the adapters below add audio/video support to today's USB devices allowing a TV or monitor to be connected with ease.

USB Data Transfer

USB 3.1 will bring an impressive data rate of up to 10Gbits/s to tomorrow's USB devices, allowing for rapid file transfer and sharing. Even though they will not match the data rates of USB 3.1, the adapters below allow you to transfer data between today's USB devices.

When will this technology be available?

This is a brand new technology, but changes are happening fast. Devices capable of USB 3.1 performance and utilizing USB Type-C connectors are on a growing number of computers, mobile solutions, cables, adapters and accessories. Cables to support these devices are available now!

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