USB 3.1 Connector

Learn all about the new USB connector!

What is USB-C?

USB-C is a symmetrical, reversible, high bandwidth connector that is 60% smaller than USB-A. It has been tested with up to 10,000 connection styles and is 6 times more durable than USB-A. USB-C is the only connector that carries Thunderbolt 3 and can carry up to 100W, which is enough power to charge full size devices.


Why choose USB-C?

With faster data rates and a connector that is universal, why not choose USB-C? It also accommodates competing interfaces through various alternate modes. Not to mention, device manufacturers are moving away from using proprietary technologies and are adopting USB-C for coming devices.

Why choose USB-C?

What does USB-C really do?

It Can Charge Fast

Enhanced power delivery capabilities allow this new technology to support traditional mobile device charging, but also enables a laptop to power a computer monitor or a computer monitor with a power supply to charge a laptop through its USB-C connector.

USB 3.1. Can Charge Fast

Play All Your Digital Content

Native support of DisplayPort video and four channel audio will allow your device to connect to a computer monitor, HDTV, surround sound system and headphones — it will even support microphone connections — all over the same small, robust, powerful connection.

Play All Your Digital Content with Your USB 3.1

Transfer & Control Your Files

Transfer rates up to 10Gbits/s make USB 3.1 the ideal solution for transferring large amounts of data, such as HD video for editing, Blu-ray authoring, or high resolution photos for editing or storage.

Transfer & Control Your Files with USB-C

Why C2G USB-C?

Our USB-C products have been specifically engineered, designed and tested to meet your needs. With your potential pain points in mind, we've dialed in our product set to include the products that truly matter to you. Selecting the right product doesn't have to be difficult, especially with C2G's free technical support team. Let's get connected!

Why C2G USB-C?