How to Install 
a RapidRun System

RapidRunHow to Install a RapidRun System

Installing a RapidRun solution is easy!

A step by step look at installing the RapidRun solution.

Step 1:

Pull the runner cable through the desired installation location

RapidRun Multi-Format runner cables features an integrated pulling ring.

Step 1 to Install RapidRun

Step 2:

Remove the caps from the runner's RapidRun connectors

The caps on the connector ends should come off easily.

Step 2 to Install RapidRun

Step 3:

Connect a flying lead or wall plate to each end of the runner cable

  • RapidRun Multi-Format may be used with a wall plate or flying lead at the source end of the runner, and a wall plate or flying lead at the display end of the runner cable.
Step 3 to Install RapidRun

Step 4:

Connect the source and display devices to the flying lead or wall plate

  • RapidRun Multi-Format flying leads will connect directly to the A/V port of a device.
  • RapidRun Multi-Format wall plates require that a separate cable be used to connect from the A/V port of a device to the wall plate.
Step 4 to Install RapidRun
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