Extender for

Enjoy The Freedom of Length

Extend the camera or speakerphone of a Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000E or GROUP system up to 100 feet away from the hub. This solution requires two standard Cat5 or Cat6 cables (not included) for extension. Installation is made easy through labeling and color coding.

If you would like to purchase this product outside of the US & Canada, please contact our global sales team for more information.

Break Free of Length Limitations

Extends the camera or speakerphone of your Logitech ConferenceCam system up to 100 feet.

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Easy Install

Labeled and color coded for easy installation.

Enjoy Easy Installation
Select How Far You Need To Go

To get the cleanest installation, simply add the length of Cat5 or Cat6 cable you'll need to extend.

Extend with a Cat5 or 6 Cable
Custom Design

Designed especially for the Logitech ConferenceCam
CC3000e & GROUP.

Picture of CC3000e