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Whether it's an impromptu meeting or brainstorming session, the "huddle space" has become a growing trend in offices around the country.

Sometimes meetings that involve smaller groups are necessary and often recurring. Perhaps new ideas need to be hashed out, or a concept must be discussed before moving forward on a project. Huddle spaces are ideal for an impromptu meeting or brainstorming session. These highly flexible areas typically accommodate up to six people and are designed for collaboration. They commonly include audio/video conferencing equipment–allowing users to easily display and share content from their devices and quickly engage in discussion.

Mini DisplayPort Female Adapter Converter – 15cm

No need to waste time setting up the connectivity for your meeting—start collaborating as soon as you enter the huddle space. Simply plug this driverless Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter into the computer or tablet to quickly change the available video port to a DisplayPort connection and then begin the discussion or presentation.

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DisplayPort Male to HD Male Adapter Cable – 1m

Most televisions feature HDMI video ports which creates a challenge when trying to display content or from your PC or laptop, as most only have DisplayPort video ports. Utilise this DisplayPort Male to HD Male Adapter Cable to bridge that gap and connect from the DisplayPort output of the computer to an HDMI input on the display.

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HD15 UXGA + 3.5mm Audio M/M Monitor Cable – 1m

Connect with colleagues through great sound and high resolution presentation content without ghosting or signal distortion. This HD15 UXGA + 3.5mm Audio Cables allows a laptop to connect to a video display system with speakers–or in the case of this huddle space–a VGA and Stereo Audio to HD Converter, without compromising the audio or video quality.

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VGA to HDMI® Adapter Converter

Connect any VGA and stereo audio source to an HDMI display. Simply plug the VGA and audio cable into the converter and it will automatically convert an analogue signal to digital and will output an HDMI A/V signal to a TV monitor or projector.

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2-Port HDMI Auto Switch

A crucial component to a successful meeting is a seamless transition between presenters in order to hold the attention of the audience. 2-port HDMI switch quickly and automatically changes from one HDMI input source to the next. It can also be manually switched by one touch of the switch button. Lead the meeting with control, switch presenters with authority, and make any huddle meeting successful.

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Active HDMI High Speed Cable – 10m

Huddle spaces are being created in places that were not originally designed for A/V presentations, so the wiring infrastructure may not be present to support them, and is often out of natural reach of HDMI. Install this active HDMI cable to provide an HDMI connection at the huddle space table to deliver the signal to the display.

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Mini DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female Adapter Converter – Black

This adapter converter is an ideal solution for adapting the Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt output of a small laptop or tablet so that it may be connected to an HDTV or projector which accepts an HDMI input. This adapter converter carries a digital audio/video signal, supports up to a 1080p resolution, and meets the requirements of high performance applications.

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