18in (0.5m) 3.5mm Male 3 Position TRS to Female XLR Cable

Product Features
Connect a tablet, laptop, voice recorder, or any 3.5mm audio output to a mixing console, amplifier, or powered speaker
• Three poles/conductors for TRS jacks found on microphones and stereo audio devices
• Unbalanced cable, the Left and Right channels are soldered together
• XLR input for mixing consoles, amplifiers, and powered speakers
• Lifetime warranty, for peace of mind
(1) 3.5mm Male
(1) XLR 3-pin Female
Product Description
The 3.5mm Male 3 Position TRS to Female XLR Cable is perfect for interconnecting devices with 3.5mm jacks and devices with XLR inputs ― making it ideal for mixing consoles, amplifiers, and powered speakers.

This audio cable includes a 3.5mm TRS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve) connector, which means this cable has three conductors or three poles, including left and right stereo channels. The 3.5mm TRS jacks are commonly found on most stereo audio devices, while XLR inputs are commonly found on mixing consoles, amplifiers, and powered speakers. This is an unbalanced cable, so the left and right channels are soldered together making a mono signal to XLR, allowing the left and right stereo signal from a source with a 3.5mm stereo output to be converted to a single mono feed.

This audio cable has 22 AWG conductors, insulated, under an aluminum foil shield, and covered by a soft PVC shell. The soft PVC jacket reduces the risk of the cable kinking and damaging the conductors. Enjoy lasting quality and excellent performance no matter the connection.

Product Specifications
Colour : Black
Length : 18.00 Inch
UPC : 757120414681
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.100 LB
Physical Characteristics
• Conductor: 22AWG (29/0.12BC), X1PR
• Insulation: FM-PE; ID: 1.7±0.05mm
• Shield: AL Foil Wrap + Cotton Paper
• Braid: 16/7/0.12BC
• Jacket: Black (CTG-001) Soft PVC
• Connector 1: 3.5mm Stereo Male; Solder Type; Contacts: Brass, Nickel Plated; Housing: PP, Black; Shell: Phosphor Bronze, Nickel Plated, Molded Black (Pantone/#Black 6C) PVC
• Connector 2: 3P Microphone Female: Assembly Type; Contact: Phosphor Bronze, with Black Plastic Shell, for 4.0~8.0 Wire
• Product is CE Marked and Conforms to 2011/65/EU ROHS 2
Product Support
• Download the Data Sheet