Retractable Universal Mount 4K HDMI® Dongle Adapter Ring with Color Coded Mini DisplayPort™, DisplayPort, and USB-C®

Product Features
Attach a Retractable Universal Cable Mount with color-coded dongle adapters to an HDMI cable to provide connectivity options for a meeting space display
• Adapters support up to a 4K video resolution, so meeting attendees will be able to see the displayed content for improved comprehension and detailed decision making
• Dongle style adapter, allowing for more flexibility when connecting to a laptop or tablet
• Adapters are color coded, so no more frustration trying to find the adapter that you typically use for your laptop
• Integrated pull tab, so the adapters can be accessed quickly or easily reached when they are tucked away
• Installation tools are included, so you save time and money by not needing to purchase any additional tools
(3) HDMI Female
(1) Mini DisplayPort Male, (1) DisplayPort Male, (1) USB-C Male
Product Description
The Retractable Universal 4K HDMI Dongle Adapter Ring is the perfect addition to conference rooms, huddle spaces, lecture halls, or classrooms to make sure that anyone can connect. The standard configuration includes the adapters to connect nearly any device to the in-room display while supporting up to a 4K video resolution. This adapter ring includes HDMI to DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, or USB-C adapters to meet connectivity challenges.

Dongle Style Adapter
It can be awkward when connecting an adapter to a smaller laptop or tablet. The adapter may not line up correctly, causing the computer to shift or not set flat on the table. The dongle style adapter gives more flexibility, allowing for better placement when connecting to thin or lighter weight laptops.

Color Coded Adapters
Each adapter is color-coded with a band that saves time and frustration by making it easy to identify the adapter you need quickly.

Integrated Pull Tab
Quickly grab the adapters when you need them with the integrated Pull Tab that is also available to be customized to feature your company or organization logo. Minimum order quantities apply to customized Pull Tabs.

Retractable Universal Cable Mount
The Retractable Universal Mount attaches to any flat surface, like a table or lectern, providing mounting flexibility to fit your environment best. The retractor extends out to 4.9ft, ensuring that the adapters are always within reach when needed, and the retractor tested to over 20,000 extension cycles for long service life.

Tools Included
The tools for mounting the adapters and optional stopper are in the box to simplify the installation process. The innovative HDMI Cable Gauge Tool reduces stopper installation time by allowing the right-sized stopper insert, allowing for quick identification of the HDMI cable.

Product Specifications
Colour : Black
UPC : 757120300298
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : C2G
Weight : 0.365 LB
Signal Specifications
• USB Type-C to HDMI Dongle: 100% Functional Test at 4K/60Hz/4:4:4 Resolution with Standard AV Test Equipment
• DisplayPort to HDMI Dongle: 100% Functional Test at 4K/30Hz Resolution with Standard AV Test Equipment
• Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Dongle: 100% Functional Test at 4K/30Hz Resolution with Standard AV Test Equipment

Electrical Specifications
• Rating: Temp 80°C; Voltage 30V
• Conductor Resistance: At 20°C Max 32AWG: mDP/DP: 588.85 OHMS/KM; USB-C: 588 OHMS/KM; 24AWG: 86 OHMS/KM
• Insulation Resistance: mDP/DP: 10M OHMS/KM Min at 20°C DC 500V
• Insulation Resistance: USB-C: PP/HD-PE DC 500V 100M OHMS/KM Min at 20°C
• Dielectric Strength: AC 500V/1 Minute No Breakdown

Physical Specifications
• Operating Temperature: 0°C - 40°C (0% - 90%RH)
• Storage Temperature: -10°C - 60°C (0% - 90%RH)
• mDP/DP Minimum Bend Radius: R52mm
• USB-C Minimum Bend Radius: R45mm
• Cables Jacket Rating: VW-1
• Tensile Strength: Unaged: 1500PSI Min, Aged: 70% Min

Physical Characteristics
• HDMI Female: Solder Type, Contacts: Brass, Gold Flash, Housing: LCP, Black with PCB, Shell: SPCC, Gold Plated
• USB Type-C Male: Solder Type, Contacts: Brass, Gold Flash, Housing: LCP, Black, Shell: Gold Plated
• DisplayPort Male: Solder Type, Contacts: Gold Flash, Housing: LCP Black, Shell: Gold Plated (with Latches)
• Mini DisplayPort Male: Solder Type, Contacts: Gold Flash, Housing: LCP Black, Shell: Gold Plated
• All Hoods: Molded Black PVC
• USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter Color Band: Green
• DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Color Band: Red
• Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Color Band: Yellow
• Retractor: 63.5x63.5x17.5mm, Black Steel Wire OD: 1.2mm, Retracting Cable Length: 6ft, ABS Shell, with Hex Nut Tool and Black Locking Coupler (x2)
• Black Metal Screws (x4): 6.8x22mm, M3, Material: Steel
• Black Metal Screws (x4): 6.0x22.5mm, M3.5, Material: Steel
• PC Eyelet: 17.8x4.7x2.6mm, Black, Material: PC
• Pull Tab: 80x25x2mm, Material: Polyester, Black Background, White Text, with Black Eyelet
• Universal Mounting Bracket: 85x65x1.2mm, Material: C.R.S. Rigidity: 1/4H, Color: Black
• Product is CE marked and conforms to 2011/65/EU ROHS 2
Product Support
• Download the Data Sheet