Force10® GP-XFP-1S Compatible 10GBase-SR MMF XFP Transceiver Module


Product Features

XFP transceiver module designed for use with Force 10 network equipment
• Functionally identical to Force 10 GP-XFP-1S
• LC ports designed for use with Multimode Fibre
• Includes Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM)
• 850nm wavelength signalling
• Supports up to 300 metres of cabling
(1) XFP Male
(1) LC Female

Product Description

This XFP transceiver module is designed for use with Force10 network equipment and is equivalent to Force10 part number GP-XFP-1S. This transceiver is built to meet or exceed the specifications of the OEM and to comply with Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) standards. This product is 100% functionally tested, and compatibility is guaranteed. The transceiver is hot-swappable input/output device which allows a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port to link with a fibre optic network. OEM specific configuration data is loaded on to the EEPROM of the transceiver at the factory, allowing this transceiver to initialize and perform identically to an OEM transceiver. This transceiver may be mixed and deployed with other OEM or third party transceivers and will deliver seamless network performance. A list of compatible network equipment is available on the Specs tab of this page.

Force10 and the Force10 logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dell, Inc. This product is not certified or endorsed by Dell.

Product Specifications

Colour : Silver
UPC : 757120890973
Warranty : Lifetime
Vendor : Legrand
Weight : 0.001 KG
General Specifications

• OEM Model: GP-XFP-1S
• Compatible OEM: Force10
Technical Specifications

• Type: 10GBase-SR
• Wavelength: 850nm
• Media: Multimode fibre
Physical Specifications

• Product Dimensions: 0.3x0.5x2.5in
• Product Weight: 0.2lbs

Product Support

[H] Equipment Compatibility
• OEM Product GP-XFP-1S
• 19 Systems Supported
• S-Series - S7000
• S-Series - S4810
• S-Series - S2410
• S-Series - S60
• S-Series - S55
• Traverse Series - 600
• Traverse Series - 1600
• Traverse Series - 2000
• S-Series - S25P
• S-Series - S25V/S50V
• S-Series - S25N/S50N
• S-Series - S410
• FlexMedia Gigabit Ethernet Line Card With Pluggable SFP Modules (C150)
• FlexMedia 10 Gigabit Ethernet Line Card With Pluggable SFP Modules (C300)
• TeraScale E-Series - E300 Chassis
• TeraScale E-Series - E600 Chassis
• TeraScale E-Series - E1200 Chassis
• ExaScale E-Series - E600i Chassis
• ExaScale E-Series - E1200i Chassis