VGA to Composite PC-TV Video Adapter

Product Description
This PC-TV adapter device allows you to convert your VGA signal from a computer to a composite out video so you can connect your PC, Mac or other VGA devices to your TV or projector. This is useful when connecting your computer to an older TV or projector, that doesn't support VGA, for large screen viewing. This device also comes with VGA and S-Video output ports to allow viewing on multiple displays which can support these signals. The converter kit comes with a USB power adapter so it can draw power from your computer instead of needing a dedicated outlet. This device's small footprint makes it easy for travel or to fit in tight spaces. The menu options allow for customization of display adjustment settings.

Product Specifications
Colour : Black
UPC : 757120890393
Warranty : 1 Year
Weight : 0.385 KG
• Compatible with any operating system
• 2D flicker filter provides perfect static image quality
• Resolutions up to 1024x768x85Hz
• Supports VGA, Composite and S-Video output
• Supports: PAL or NTSC
Product Uses
• Perfect for home or office VGA to Composite adapter applications, including:
- Media Centers
- Conference Rooms
- Digital Signage
Package Contents
• (1) PC to TV VGA Converter
• (1) 0.92m VGA Adapter Input Cable
• (1) 0.92m USB Power Cable
• (1) 1.52m S-Video Output Cable
• (1) 1.52 omposite Output Cable
• (1) Manual