2m Ultima™ 3-in-1 Universal KVM HD15 VGA M/M Cable

Product Features
3-in-1 single cable attaches your desktop PC to your VGA KVM switch
•3-in-1 design keeps cable area organised
•Colour-coded connectors for easy identification
(1) VGA Male, (2) PS/2 Male
(1) VGA Male, (2) PS/2 Male
Product Description
This Ultima cable optimises style, quality, and value in a cable specially designed for high performance. Universally designed to work with KVM switches from many leading manufacturers. This cable features separate keyboard, monitor, and mouse cable components combined into one cable that is separated at each end.

The 3-in-1 design keeps your cable area better organized while colour-coded connectors make this cable easy to manage. The VGA component is built from premium coaxial cabling that ensures superior resolution by eliminating ghosting and fuzzy images. Connectors are PC-99 colour-coded for easy plug-and-play installation.

Product Specifications
Colour : Black
Length : 2.00 Meter
UPC : 757120817345
Warranty : Lifetime
Weight : 0.420 KG
•Input: HD15 Male, PS/2 Male x 2
•Output: HD15 Male, PS/2 Male x 2
•Lifetime Warranty
•Colour: Charcoal
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