10-pin RJ45 to DB9 Male Modular Adapter


Product Description

10-pin modular adapters are ideal for applications where all your serial lines need to be present. Use this adapter to connect Digiboard or Boca board products requiring ring indicator and carrier detection pins.

Please Note: Picture shows this adapter before assembly; this modular adapter will need to be assembled so that it is functional. There is not a universal way to assemble them, so please contact us for details. We'll be happy to assemble any adapter (for a nominal labor charge) to fit your application so that they are ready to use upon arrival.

Product Specifications

Colour : Grey
UPC : 757120815556
Warranty : Lifetime
Weight : 0.020 KG
•Connector: RJ45 10-Pin/DB9M
•These modular adapters are not functional until they are assembled
•There is not a universal way to assemble them, so contact your hardware manufacturer for details