DB37 F/F Mini Gender Changer (Coupler)

Product Features
Convert a DB37 male connection to a DB37 female connection; use for external tape backup or Bernoulli box applications.
•Converts a DB37-Pin Male connector to a DB37-Pin Female connector
•Designed for external tape back-up or Bernoulli Box applications
•Low-profile design
(1) DB37 Female
(1) DB37 Female
Product Description
Low profile to save space! Quickly change the gender, or join two cables together. Save the cost and hassle of buying a new cable by just changing the gender of your port and using the cable you already have. Each changer is snagless and fully shielded, preventing any unwanted EMI/RFI interference caused from office equipment.

Product Specifications
Colour : Nickel
UPC : 757120815198
Warranty : Lifetime
Weight : 0.025 KG
•Connectors: DB37-Pin Female to DB37-Pin Female