5m 75 Ohm BNC Cable

Delivers the high quality you expect for broadcast, studio, surveillance and home theater video
(1) BNC Male
(1) BNC Male

Product Description

A high quality BNC cable for video applications including CCTV, broadcast, studio, boardroom presentations, home theater, etc. Manufactured from 75 Ohm RG59/U dual shield coax cable (60% copper braid over foil) with a 22 AWG copper-covered steel center conductor. Finished with bright nickel-plated BNC connectors that have snagless PVC strain relief to protect the cable from wear over time.
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Product Specifications

Colour : Black
Length : 5.00 Meter
UPC : 757120803683
Warranty : Lifetime
Weight : 0.240 KG
•75-Ohm RG-59/U cable
•Dual shield cable; 60% copper braid over foil
•22AWG copper covered steel centre centre conductor
•Bright nickel finish BNC connector
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