Add C2G to your Home Screen!

A C2G App Without The Download

Its now easier than ever to have quick access to the C2G website, with all the benefits of an app without any of the mess. Simply follow the instructions below to add C2G to your home screen for quick access and the ability to browse any pages you visited while online.

  1. Open the chrome menu icon Chrome Menu
  2. Select "Add to Home screen" and you are done!
  1. Open the firefox menu icon Firefox Menu
  2. Navigate into the "Page" section
  3. Select "Add to Home Screen" and you are done!

You'll now enjoy these benefits:


Use your whole screen to enjoy C2G without a browser bar


It's just the pages you visit while browsing our site online


Simply using the site gets you the latest version

Offline support

The site will continue to work on pages you've already visited